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Jan 1, 2010 2:05am EST
] [people cheering] "hey, welcome home" to the men and women of the united states armed forces, the uso is home. the uso depends on the generosity of the american people, people just like you. to find out how you can help, visit us at uso dot org. the uso. until every one comes home. >> 10 years ago, actor michael j fox shocked the world saying he had parkinson's disease. fox has raised more than 100 million dollars to raise a cure. >> one of the great freedoms is when you realize what you can't control. >> michael j fox has had parkinson's for over a decade, nobody talked about the genetic connection 10 years ago but there's evidence that may change all of that. jeff helps his father cope with parkinson's for 14 years ... then the unthinkable happened. >> my dad was a great guy. he loved life! he started having some of the symptoms of parkinson's, but didn't know it yet and didn't know what it was. he noticed when he was going back for lobs that he was losing his balance and started falling. >> a year and-a-half after my father passed away, my finger started shaking ... i was hiding
Search Results 0 to 0 of about 1